Microsoft Details Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Today at MWC, Microsoft detailed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Over 100,000 changes have been made since developer preview release and Microsoft is improving the code everyday. Microsoft said that Windows 8 will allow hardware manufacturers to innovate on form factors as we saw some of them during CES.

  • New People hub similar to Windows Phone to organize contacts across services like Windows Live, Google, etc,.
  • Microsoft also demoed the new Messaging hub similar to Windows Phone where you can IM people on Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and more.
  • Windows 8 will work perfectly on both touch screens and keyboard-mouse setup. Its desgined for both the cases.
  • Share charm allows you to share items like pictures, links, etc throughout the system.
  • Your classic Windows Desktop is still there. Its much improved with Ribbon UI.
  • You can snap Metro apps and desktop apps side by side and you can pin folders, files on Metro Start screen.
  • Microsoft Account ( rebranded Windows Live ID) will sync your Windows settings across devices.
  • Full Fledged SkyDrive app that will allow you to manage your personal cloud.
  • Windows Store will allow you to buy and download apps.
  • Microsoft also had its hardware partners showing their stuff at the event.