Microsoft Details What’s New In Internet Explorer 11 For Windows Phone

Reading Mode IE11 WP81

With the release of Windows Phone 8.1, users will be able to enjoy updated browsing experience via the new Internet Explorer 11  browser. This IE11 mobile is a massive upgrade to four key areas of your browsing experience: quick site access, fast and fluid browsing, safety and privacy, and accessibility. Microsoft today detailed all the improved experience. Here is the list of features,

  • Frequent sites + URL predictions
  • Unlimited (and easy to access) tabs + One IE, Everywhere
  • Live pinned sites
  • In-line video playback
  • Reading View
  • Remembering passwords
  • Swipe to go back and forward
  • Saving downloaded files
  • InPrivate Mode
  • DataSense High Savings Mode
  • Accessibility

Read in detail about all these features over at Internet Explorer blog.