Microsoft details 10 new features in OneNote for Desktop, Web, iPad and Class

by Surur
January 18, 2022

Mike Tholfsen, Product Manager for Microsoft OneNote for Education, has posted a video detailing 10 new features which are now available for OneNote on the desktop, web, iPad and Class.

The new features have been top-requested over the years, with one being on Microsoft’s to do list for more than 10 years now.

They include:

  • Sort pages on Desktop
  • Immersive Reader built-in to Desktop
  • Set Picture to background in web
  • Resume last page left off in web
  • Draw with Touch in web
  • Resize Oembed in web
  • Zoom improvements in web
  • Copy/Paste tables improvements in web
  • Sort pages on iPad
  • Multi-page Distribution improvements for OneNote Class Notebook

See the new elements demonstrated in Tholfsen’s video below:

YouTube player
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