Microsoft declared Project Moca a success

by Surur
July 20, 2021
Microsoft Project Moca

Last year we reported that Microsoft is working on a new collaboration tool within Outlook to help teams with project management. Codenamed Project Moca, this new service can simplify your workflow. You can add tasks, goals, notes, files from OneDrive and other cloud storage providers, links, contacts, and even emails and events, all into one single dynamic space.

Project Moca was available for Microsoft 365 consumer subscribers, EDU customers, and select commercial customers as a preview and was shipped off-by-default.


Microsoft has now announced that the Project Moca trial has been a success and that they will begin migrating content from Project Moca to the new Outlook Calendar board view in July. All boards and content will be migrated and users will not lose any data and all links to your existing Project Moca spaces will be redirected to their new Calendar board view in Outlook on the web.

To access your boards, on Outlook on the web, just open the model switcher dropdown to view all your existing boards.

The update also brings some improvements. You’ll now be able to lock your view so you can keep it just the way you like.

The switchover will roll out in late July.

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