Microsoft comissions ice cream, lights up Burj Khalifa to celebrate Windows 11 launch



Microsoft launched Windows 11 yesterday, taking everyone who was expecting the OS to RTM on the 5th somewhat by surprise.

Microsoft has of course been preparing and had a few celebrations lined up.

Working with Mike Likes It Ice Cream creamery, the company commissioned a Windows 11-branded Bloomsberry ice cream flavour, which you can pick up at their East Village and Harlem location for free today.

The dessert features blueberry ice cream with blueberry pie filling, pound cake & candy chocolate pieces, and is available for free while supplies last.

The company also managed to light up the iconic Burj Khalifa hotel in Dubai with their colours.

Somewhat less spectacularly, Microsoft also lit up the Space Needle in Seattle.

Microsoft also managed to grab a corner of Times Square.

This is of course on top of a rash of TV ads which have already been trending some weeks now.

Have our readers found any other celebrations we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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