Microsoft clarifies HoloLens Enterprise Edition confusion

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So far, Microsoft has only announced HoloLens Development Edition which is for developers to create apps and games for Windows Holographic. Apart from the developers, Microsoft has shared HoloLens with some of its partners like NASA to explore its possibilities. During WPC 2016 keynote today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about HoloLens and how mixed reality will transform the way we use computers. He also mentioned that Microsoft currently has HoloLens available both as a developer edition and an enterprise edition. There was a confusion among many whether there are two different editions of HoloLens. When we asked Microsoft to provide more details on this new HoloLens Enterprise Edition mentioned by Satya, we got the following response from a Microsoft spokesperson,

We did not announce new details at WPC this morning regarding Microsoft HoloLens. Commercial and enterprise partners, such as Japan Airlines, NASA, Case Western Reserve University and more, have ordered and deployed Microsoft HoloLens for some time now.

It seems there is no separate hardware called HoloLens Enterprise Edition. HoloLens is being distributed in two different ways. One is for developers, which is known as developer edition and another for Microsoft partners, which is known as Enterprise Edition.

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