Microsoft announces changes to OneDrive photo storage

August 31, 2023

Microsoft today sent out an email to OneDrive users about the upcoming changes to the OneDrive photo storage. Starting on October 16, 2023, data from photos saved in your Gallery and in your albums will each count separately against your total Microsoft storage quota. So, this change may affect how much storage you have available on your account.

OneDrive offers a great way to back up your photos and easily share them with friends and family as albums. On, you can select the photos from your OneDrive library and create a new album. With the upcoming storage change, even though the photos you selected for the album are part of your OneDrive library, the storage size of the album you create will be counted separately.

To help OneDrive users avoid interruption due to this storage policy changes, Microsoft is granting a one-time storage bonus that will take effect when the data change is applied to the account. This storage bonus is free of charge and will expire one year after the date of issue. Once the storage bonus has been applied, you can view the quantity and expiration date in your OneDrive manage storage page.

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