Microsoft brings improved proofing tools to PowerPoint

Microsoft today released the new Editor feature in PowerPoint to Office Insiders in the ring. This new Editor offers improved proofing and editing tools with the power of AI. Read about the new improvements below.

  • Grammatical errors indicated by a blue underline: PowerPoint checks for potential grammatical errors as you type and indicates the error with two blue underlines. When you see two blue underlines below a word or a phrase, right click on the word or phrase and choose one of the suggestions to fix the error.
  • Suggested refinements indicated by a dotted gold underline: Word checks for suggested writing and style refinements and indicates the word or phrase with a dotted gold underline. When you see a gold dotted line below a word, right click on the word or phrase and consider one of the alternative refinements.

Microsoft also mentioned that it is planning to release a new context menu for spelling that will show synonyms alongside suggestions for misspellings and offer an option to have them read aloud. Also, they are planning an updated Editor pane that will replace the Proofing Pane and offer a more accessible experience. These improvements will come in the future releases.

You can try out these features by updating your Office build to 16.0.10801.10000 or later.

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