Microsoft bringing Voice Dictation to Office Online

Microsoft is adding Voice Dictation to Word Online and OneNote Online, according to The Verge.

The feature came to Microsoft’s desktop office suite in July this year and will be hitting the online version in the next few weeks.

Microsoft says their motivation is to help those with dyslexia create documents more easily, but I suspect nearly every one would appreciate the option for letting their fingers take a rest every once in a while.

The feature will start with Word and OneNote, but will come to PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook in 2019.

Microsoft is also adding real-time translation to the immersive reader in Word, OneNote and Outlook Online, and also for OneNote for Windows 10, Mac and iPad this fall. The feature will support the translation of single words, sentences and full pages, though sentence-level translation will come only later.

Via the Verge