Microsoft Bing makes it easier to search for products in local stores

December 3, 2021
Microsoft Bing Local search

Microsoft Bing Local search

In general, if we are looking to buy a product, we check the nearest store stock availability and choose to buy online and pick up in-store. Microsoft Bing has now added new features to make this experience easier than ever.

Using Microsoft Bing or Bing Maps, you can now get answers for questions like whether the product is in stock in the nearest store, whether the store is open, etc. Shops can let shoppers know what their product focus is and become go-to options for their specialty products.

When you search for new table lamps on Bing Maps, the search results now show store stock, expanded views of products at the stores, and even include store reviews.

Searching for gift baskets on Bing Maps, you’ll have the same option to narrow the search. Results also provide product options nearby and store reviews, so shoppers can buy with a high level of certainty that what they need will be there when they need it.

Source: Microsoft

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