Microsoft used to be well known for their decent-to-great PC peripherals, but that side of the company isn’t as prominent as it once was. However, in a surprise release today, Microsoft’s new Pro IntelliMouse Gaming Mouse is now available to purchase… in China.

Described as a mouse for E-Sports gamers, a big selling point for Chinese mainland gamers, the Pro IntelliMouse looks like a pretty decent piece of kit.

The device features a responsive 50-step DPI system with 200 DPI being it’s lowest point and 16,000 being it’s highest. This is all powered by “PixArt PAW 3389 PRO-MS”, Microsoft’s own optical sensor technology.

Every button can be fully customized. The device’s store page gives a pretty cool example: program the right mouse button to a 180° turn and then primary fire away with left mouse. Cool. That’s not even talking about the two programmable side buttons.

As with most Microsoft PC peripherals (I said most) there looks to be some decent build quality here. Also, the mouse uses a high-quality braided cable like all devices should.

The Pro IntelliMouse costs ¥299.

Have a look at the device’s full Chinese product page here.

Source: Microsoft China (via Reddit/Twitter)