Microsoft Apps for Android is still the best way to download all Microsoft apps for your phone

As Microsoft expands further into providing apps for iOS and Android, it bears repeating that Microsoft does supply an alternative app store of sorts for Android devices.
Microsoft will allow you to download apps from the Google Play Store with this app, for certain other apps, the firm will provide you with the APK directly, allowing you to bypass the Google Play Store and install the app straight from storage (after turning off the unknown sources restriction).

Microsoft is expanding its support for Android in recent past, supplying devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 and Razer Phone as Microsoftian experiences directly from their online store.

For a user buying into Microsoft’s Android ecosystem, the Microsoft Apps app is invaluable.
It would be good — I think — for Microsoft to remember and market this useful app for buyers of their phones. The firm bizarrely calls out the Microsoft Launcher app as an all in one app, saying in its S8 listing:”Now you can purchase a Samsung Galaxy S8 device and personalize your phone with the Microsoft Launcher It’s an app that includes favorites like Word, Excel, Onenote, Cortana, Outlook, and more.”
It seems odd that when selling a Microsoftized version of an Android handset, the Microsoft store listing gets the “Microsoft” side of the deal wrong.
That being said, you can download Microsoft Apps from the store link here.<