Microsoft is finally fixing the annoying unexpected app rearrangement issue in Windows 10

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

If you have a multi-monitor setup for your Windows 10 PC, you would have experienced this annoying issue often. The desktop application windows will unexpectedly rearrange every time you return to your PC from sleep. The issue impacts DisplayPort multi-monitor setups. Here’s how you can reproduce the issue:

  1. Your device (laptop or desktop) is connected to external monitors over a DisplayPort connector. Application windows are placed in certain locations on your screen.
  2. You leave your system for some time and your device goes to sleep.
  3. You come back and return to your system to wake your device.
  4. The application windows have unexpectedly moved to a different location of the monitor (sometimes clustered on one screen).

Microsoft is finally fixing this issue. This fix is now available in Windows Insider Preview build 21287 or above.

Source: Microsoft

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