Microsoft announces Visual Studio Online, a web-based code editor


6, 2019

Several year back, Microsoft had a service named Visual Studio Online. In 2015, they rebranded it as Visual Studio Team Services. Later it became Azure DevOps Services which offers development collaboration tools including high-performance pipelines, free private Git repositories, configurable Kanban boards, and extensive automated and continuous testing capabilities.

At Build 2019, Microsoft announced that it is bringing back Visual Studio Online brand. This time it is different, Visual Studio Online will be a web-based companion to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. It will allow developers to work on and edit code from any device with latest web browsers.

Built for productivity while on the go, this solution helps developers perform quick tasks, join Visual Studio Live Share sessions, or perform pull request reviews at times and in places where they may not have access to their development environment.

Visual Studio Online is now available in private preview.

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