Microsoft announces “tremendous amount of new themes” for Microsoft Forms

November 25, 2022
Microsoft Forms

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You can quickly and easily create quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, polls, and more with Microsoft Forms. On top of that, Microsoft is now adding more excitement by adding some new themes to it. The company is hopeful that these new themes will attract more attention from the audience in a new hybrid world.

The new themes in Microsoft Forms launch at a time when we have officially entered the holiday season. And there are a bunch of new themes that fit perfectly in some special occasions such as team celebrations, Christmas event preparation, or Thanksgiving party. Microsoft has also given a sneak peek at popular themes highly adopted by users.

Making a case for how Microsoft Forms theming experience can create better emotional connections between users and their audiences, Microsoft says a bunch of these themes are “copy-right free,” which means users can use them whenever they want to decorate background for a new form or polish your previous surveys.

There are tremendous amount new themes (both static and animate) arrived in Microsoft Forms which hopefully could attract more attentions from your audience and make them “feel” the excitements and connections behind screens, especially in new hybrid world.

Users can access the newly launched themes by opening any form or quiz -> Theme pane -> Theme ideas -> see more Theme ideas. Microsoft is inviting everyone to take a trial and share some feedback from users and their audiences. So, check them out and let Microsoft know whether you like them.

You can also check out some of the popular themes available in Microsoft Forms below.

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thumbnail image 2 of blog post titled Thousands of themes coming!

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thumbnail image 4 of blog post titled Thousands of themes coming!

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Source: Microsoft

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