Microsoft announces the release of Bing Shopping Campaigns in Bing Ads Editor




Microsoft today announced the release of Bing Shopping Campaigns in Bing Ads Editor. This feature is supported across all markets where Shopping Campaigns are supported (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany). With this addition, you can now efficiently bulk manage your Shopping Campaigns, Product Groups, and Product Ads.

You can now create, update, or delete Shopping Campaigns from Bing Ads Editor. We have added the Campaign Type attribute to the Campaign entity, which enables you to create either Shopping campaigns or Search and Content campaigns. We also added a new Shopping tab in the editor pane, where you can set your Store ID, Country/Region of sale, and Campaign priority.

To attract more attention from customers, use Product Ads to make your retail ads pop on the search results page. Your ads will showcase your products in a larger format with images, text, pricing and your company name. Read about this release in detail here.

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