Microsoft announces Bing for Commerce, an AI-powered search technology for retailers


9, 2020

According to a research study, 80 percent of shoppers will leave a site that produces poor search results, so product search is an important part of e-commerce experience. To help retailers, Microsoft is today announcing a new solution that can offer intelligent product search experience. The new solution is called Bing for Commerce. Bing for Commerce is an intelligent search, personalization and product recommendation solution. With Bing for Commerce, retailers can take advantage of Bing intelligence and Microsoft AI to power their searches on their websites.

Bing for Commerce offers the following:

  • Intelligent Product Search: Intelligent search reads into user, product & brand intent with natural language processing and contextual understanding to deliver more relevant results – and happy shoppers.
  • Custom Visual Search: Help customers find what they want, even when they can’t describe it. Bing Custom Visual Search is trained on images from your catalog so your customers can use their mobile devices to “shop the look”.
  • Personalization and Product Recommendations: Surprise and delight customers, while also helping grow your average order values. Bing Intelligence provides personalized and contextual recommendations to reveal similar or related products. Shopping made easy.

Bing for Commerce will work both on PC and mobile while maintaining privacy and data compliance. Microsoft Bing for Commerce is now available in public preview for large retailers as a stand-alone offering. Microsoft mentioned that Bing for Commerce will also be available as a part of Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Source: Microsoft

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