Microsoft announces a new wind energy deal in the Netherlands

May 25, 2019

Microsoft this announced a new wind energy deal in the Netherlands. As part of this deal, Microsoft will purchase 90 MW from Borssele III/IV belonging to wind farm developer Eneco. Microsoft will use this green energy to power its datacenters for 15 years starting in 2022. This is Microsoft’s 14th renewable energy deal and with this deal, Microsoft’s total clean energy portfolio has reached 1.5 gigawatts.

“Our purchasing of renewable energy helps improve the sustainability of our operations and local grids,” said Brian Janous, general manager, Energy and Sustainability, Microsoft.

“Tech companies are facing the challenge to reduce their carbon footprints, mostly due to the vast energy consumption of their datacenters,” said Hans Peters, chief customer officer, Eneco. “A global frontrunner like Microsoft does not see this as a challenge, but as an opportunity to boost the energy transition. We are proud we can help them switch to a sustainable, smart and clean energy supply in the Netherlands. As a result, Microsoft is creating local opportunity, growth and impact while enabling Eneco to continue to invest in large-scale renewable energy projects like Borssele III/IV.”

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