Microsoft adds more Achievement Badges for Windows Insiders who are testing 19H1 builds

Microsoft is adding new Achievement Badges for Windows Insiders who are testing the new 19H1 builds. The new badges will be given to Windows Insiders on Fast/Skip Ahead and Slow Ring users as a token of appreciation for helping Microsoft test the upcoming Windows 10 update.

Microsoft has currently shown 4 badges which will be given once Windows Insiders download: 1st, 3rd, 7th,17th, and 18+ build of the 19H1 update. Since Microsoft has already rolled out 3 builds, Windows Insiders are now getting the first two badges for downloading and testing the builds. More badges will be given as Microsoft progresses with the release of new builds.

This is not the first time Microsoft has given badges to Windows 10 users but if you haven’t seen them yet then you can head to the Achievements section under your Profile in the Feedback Hub to check them out right now. If you want to register as a Windows Insider then you can go to Settings > Windows Insider Program to confirm that your device is set for Fast or Slow Ring builds. You can share your current badges your social accounts by using the hashtag #builds4badges.