Report: Microsoft acquiring Microvision, a leader in ultra-miniature projection display


12, 2020


MicroVision is a leader in ultra-miniature sensing and projection solution based on the laser beam scanning methodology. MicroVision has a substantial portfolio of patents relating to laser beam scanning projection and sensing. For example, MicroVision’s MEMS engine can be found inside Microsoft Hololens 2.

Today, Florida Independent reported that Microsoft is acquiring MicroVision and the news may be officially announced on May 12th. More than the current product portfolio, MicroVision’s IP will be a great asset for Microsoft. Also, MicroVision is already in talks with several car manufacturers for providing sensor technologies for autonomous vehicles. MicroVision’s relationship with car manufacturers may also help Microsoft to push its Azure cloud in the automotive industry.

MicroVision is based in Redmond, so Microsoft may ask MicroVision employees to move to Microsoft’s Redmond office in the coming months. We will get more details on this acquisition after official announcement.

Source: Florida Independent

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