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22, 2014


Turn into a professional DJ with MeeDJ! Load your tracks, find out the features and start mixing!

MeeDJ is one of the few applications designed only for Windows Phone. It’s also an universal app so the Tablet version may come soon.

Main features include:

  • Independent turntables with one-stop access to advanced audio features
  • Splitting: use one of the Out-channels for the preview
  • Free sound effects: Cue, Loops, Equalizer, Reverse, Flanger, Echo, Low Pass Filter, Band
  • Pass Filter, High Pass Filter
  • Scratch / Pitch
  • Innovative DJ-interface, designed by a professional DJ, with a one-stop DJing experience
  • Unmatched sharing and upload capabilities (mixed tracks)
  • Channel splitting with preview on phone
  • Tracks loading from your local Music Library and from OneDrive
  • Upload of playlists and mixed tracks to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Sharing of playlists and mixed tracks on Facebook and Twitter

The app is normally a freemium but today (and until saturday) with myAppFree deal you can unlock the “GoPro” bundle worth $5.99.

Download MeeDJ now and be sure to rate the app on the store to give the developer your feedback.

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