MediaTek aims to break the WinQual monopoly with its own Windows on ARM laptops

by Surur
November 18, 2021

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One of the hopes for running Windows on ARM was that the OS would be available on the profusion of ARM chips options currently in the market, but in the end Microsoft felt more comfortable having a 1:1 development relationship with Qualcomm, similar to what they have with Intel.

At their Executive Summit in Laguna Beach, California today however, low-cost processor OEM MediaTek however made it clear that they aim to break into the Windows on ARM market and disrupt Microsoft and Qualcomm’s cozy relationship.

MediaTek also believes that Apple’s transition to ARM has sounded the death knell for x86, and that inevitably all Windows will one day only run on ARM.

“Apple has shown the world that it can be done,” said Eric Fisher, Vice President of Corporate Sales and Business development. He added, “The Wintel partnership that’s gone on for so long has to be under some pressure, and when there’s pressure, there’s opportunity for companies like ours.

MediaTek already makes processors for Chromebooks and is expected to compete at the low end of the Windows on ARM market, but the company’s processors have become surprisingly powerful recently, and any competition is likely to spur improvement for all.

The work is still in the early stage, but the company is expected to make further announcements at its summit this week regarding their new venture.

via XDA-Dev

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