MaxSense Gets An Updated & I Like it

The newest of all Sense UI modification has recently received a change of face, and I like the improvements. The update to what is called "the most drastically changing modifications since HTC started Windows Phone" was pretty recent, and using it now on my device, is a lot better.

The update includes a new way to jump to your tabs. In the situation where you want to check your text message or email, you can simple hold your text message icon and slide your finger right or left and you can now jump to that tab. Using this on my device, I found it as a lot easier to get around, an gush it is a much cooler way.

The other changes are:

- Analog clock widget with dual time/clock feature (all new clocks)
- New Text scrolling panel widget ( text will scroll on the panel upon updates on registry ). This is actually planned for stock updates but I still don't have the time to update yet.
- 1 new weather layout
- Home buttons and keys now go straight to the main screen
- Program link settings for those featured applications
- Retractable taskbar settings
- Larger snap option in widget edit mode
- All alert icons are more responsive to touch
- New widget; backlight display off toggle
- Widget can now be deleted by moving straight to the bottom trash can in widget edit mode
- Display panel alert new auto close setting ( will close after pressing left top icon )
- Save & Restore Settings
- Extended Favorite Contacts Widget
- All new stock icons and backgrounds

Hopefully you like it, go to the Thread for more information.