Match Group introduces Stir, the dating app for single parents

March 22, 2022

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Stir Time feature of Stir mobile dating app
Unlike the other apps, Stir boasts features that will allow single parents to manage their dating sched better.

Match Group has decided to be extra specific on its target market this time with the release of Stir, the latest dating app for single parents. It adds up to the collection of the company’s portfolio of dating apps, including Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, and According to Match, the app was initiated to benefit the 20 million US single parents who find the present dating platforms inadequate for their specific needs. And unlike the other apps, it boasts features that will allow single parents to manage their dating sched better.

According to Match, one in four single parents sees time coordination as one of the main reasons preventing them from dating. With this, Stir app can be the best solution for parents who want to restart their dating life.

“Having kids shouldn’t be a dealbreaker when dating,” said Dinh Thi Bui, New Verticals Vice President at Match Group. “We’re dedicated to giving single parents a dating experience where they are celebrated and feel like they can be themselves. With that, our hope is that they can truly focus on having a personal life beyond navigating parenthood.

Apart from matching people from their personal dating preferences, Stir also matches users through their schedules. In particular, this so-called “Stir Time” feature will let single parents indicate the specific days of the week they are free. In addition, it also allows them to set their free time of the day, though it isn’t very particular. Instead of the specific time, Stir Time will give you Morning, Afternoon, and Night options. This will then help the parents to see it as one of their basis for selecting their dates.

To add the conventional features you see in its other Match apps, Stir will let you put details in your profile. It will also ask you some questions to help you give a better description of yourself. Most of all, it will ask you to submit a photo of yourself. From here, you can start finding a date by tapping a heart icon or X.

Moreover, users can use the app to send messages to other users, but a subscription would be required to access the premium features. The set of capabilities of the paid subscription is similar to the past apps of Match. It includes sending Super Likes, reviewing the profiles you accidentally liked, seeing users who liked your profile, having profile boost and privacy, etc.

On the other hand, some users noticed that it still lacks other features that offer security and safety of users. For instance, the addition of the Garbo background check option, which is already available in Tinder and promised to be placed in other Match-owned apps soon. Given Stir is new in the market, however, Match probably has other things to inject into it in the future. For now, all we can do is wait.

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