MangaTronic Free, turns your photos into Mangas !

I have created a new application for Windows Phone 7/8 that looks really great for manga lovers ! And I think it’s the first one in its category…

The application is ‘MangaTronic Free’ and allow you to  take/select photos and stylizes it to look like a hand drawn photo from a Manga – Japanese comic books – with a very defined art style.

All Otakus should be happy 😉 The app is really simple:

  • After taking or selecting a photo, select a manga filter and run the final rendering step. You will have a cool manga drawing.
  • You can also select another effect after the rendering step just by pressing the back key.
  • You can save or send the result on your Facebook Wall.

Actually 2 kinds of rendering are available; dot shadows and line shadows.

A Facebook page is available to follow the app and to post your results:

MangaTonic on Facebook (official page)

Direct Market Place download link:

Market place download link

Don’t hesitate to share your creations on the FB page!

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