macOS native notifications for Microsoft Teams now available for Preview users

by Rahul
May 30, 2021
Microsoft teams

Microsoft started rolling out the Windows 10 native notifications support for Microsoft Teams in the month of April, but the company had to delay the macOS native notifications support as it wanted to make some additional changes before the rollout. Thankfully, macOS users won’t have to wait much longer from now, as the Teams engineering team has finally added the macOS native notifications support for all Preview users.

Native notifications support means macOS users will be able to choose between Teams built-in notifications delivery system and the macOS native OS system. One of the biggest advantages of having the native OS notifications support is that Microsoft Teams will respect the OS notifications Settings and will support quiet hours, action center triaging, and more native features.

The macOS native notifications support is available to all Preview users running Microsoft Teams client version and above. However, it’s worth noting that the feature works only on MacOS 10.15 or later, so make sure that you aren’t running an older version than MacOS 10.15. If you meet the aforementioned requirements, you can follow the below steps to enable the MacOS native notifications support in Teams.

The feature isn’t enabled by default, meaning you won’t see any changes unless you make changes to the Settings. And in order to enable the feature, head over to Teams client settings > Notifications > Notifications style.

Since the feature is now available for Preview users, it’s safe to say that the macOS native notifications for Teams will soon be available for the general public. We don’t have the timeline about when it will be available, but we’re expecting it sooner rather than later. Rest assured, we’ll post an update when the feature becomes available for the general public.

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