Microsoft Teams for MacOS native notifications rollout delayed

by Surur
April 22, 2021
mac notifications

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Microsoft has been expected to roll out native notification support for macOS in April this year, but a new message on the Admin Centre suggests this will not be the case.

Earlier Microsoft said they will be rolling out a new toggle in Microsoft Teams for macOS notification settings which would give users the option to switch to native notifications. The feature would be available on macOS 10.14 and later.

mac notifications

Built-in notifications would still however be the default.

Now Microsoft has announced that; “Based on learning’s from our early rings, we have made the decision to make additional changes before we proceed with the rollout.”

Microsoft has not said what changes they are contemplating but said they would update admins when they once again feel they are ready to proceed with the roll-out.

via WindowsLatest

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