As part of a new corporate initiative to establish Logitech as a sustainable company, all Logitech Gaming products are now certified Carbon Neutral.

As part of the company’s pledge to support the environment friendly Paris Agreement, this new company ambition has been incorporated to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.

Hoping to be powered exclusively by renewable electricity by 2030, Logitech is doing wonders for environmental sustainability in the tech world. Logitech Gaming has announced that the carbon footprint of the materials, design, manufacturing, packaging, shipment, and end of life recycling of all gaming products has been reduced to net-zero emissions.

“For more than a decade, Logitech has actively worked to minimize our climate footprint while designing and delivering products that help better the world. As a small company playing in a global market, we appreciate the value of collaboration, and today we are publically committing to being part of global efforts to co-create a more sustainable world,” revealed Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell. “We recognize that Logitech’s growth does not come without an environmental impact and, while we have made progress, we have only just begun our efforts in designing for sustainability.”

Through its efforts to become completely carbon neutral, the tech company has already reduced 17,000 tonnes of carbon in their Suzhou, China manufacturing plant. The company has also achieved 75% renewable electricity in its manufacturing facilities.

Logitech isn’t the only gaming company aiming for carbon neutrality. Microsoft is also pushing its own eco friendly ideals with the announcement of Carbon Neutral Xbox manufacturing.