LG’s Windows 10 powered Smart Instaview fridge still kicking around

lg fridge

At IFA in Berlin LG showed on a Smart Instaview fridge with a 21.5 inch tablet in a fridge door running full Windows 10.

It had features such as letting you peer inside your fridge without opening the door by simply knocking on the screen or setting simple countdown timer/expiration dates or add health facts you’d like to remember or even point out specific items to other family members. It also featured Cortana and let you install a full suite of apps like Netflix or Pandora.

This week however at CES 2017 LG once again showed of the fridge, with much the same features, now running WebOS, and it appeared Windows 10 had been displaced.

Now Gizmodo however reports that the Windows 10 powered fridge is still available, and coming to the market later this year.

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It is however unclear if these are just left over units, or if LG will indeed have a parallel set of devices running both Windows and WebOS.

Either way with the appliance almost definitely priced over $4000 I suspect this PC will not be ending up in any of our kitchens.

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