LG Announces Lighter And Slimmer LCD Panels With Advanced In-Cell Touch Technology For Laptops


6, 2015

LG Display LCD Screen

LG Display today announced that it will start mass production of Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) panels for laptops, which will make the devices drastically slimmer and lighter, in the second half of this year. This new Full HD LCD panel is developed using advanced in-cell touch technology that employs a touch sensor embedded within the LCD panel, replacing the ‘add-on’ type that places the touch panel on top of the LCD.

The technology eliminates the space needed for a touch function cover glass, and as a result reduces the panel’s thickness by 1 millimeter (approximately 25 percent) and its weight by 200 grams (approximately 35 percent) compared to a conventional 15.6-inch touch-embedded panel with Full HD resolution. It also offers a brighter and clearer screen picture since there is no light loss or light reflection caused by the cover glass. In addition it features an excellent touch response and precise calibration of the touch point even with water drops on the screen.

LG Display has revealed that they have already agreed to supply 15.6-inch and 14-inch panels to several global notebook PC brands which will come with Windows 10 PCs this holiday season. They are also working on an AIT-based panel for pen touch functions which can be used in two-in-one PCs that combine tablet and laptop functions.

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