Lenovo might be working on a successor to the Yoga Book

Last year Lenovo launched a unique laptop which had customizable touch keyboard instead of a traditional one. Called Yoga Book, it wasn’t a great hit but sure did showed innovation from Lenovo.

Now, the company is planning to launch the successor of the device. This comes from the regulatory filing by Lenovo at Bluetooth SIG website. The filing shows two devices namely, “Lenovo Pen Pro,” and “YogaBook2 Pro”. While we aren’t sure what exactly both devices are, they do sound like the successor of 2016 models.

As of now, we don’t have any other information apart from this. However, if Lenovo is planning to release the successor of Yoga Book then we will see it in action soon. I’m of course personally hoping Lenovo makes an actual dual-screen device using all those wonderful new two-panel APIs now included in Windows 10. Meanwhile, you can head to the comments section below and let us know your expectations from the upcoming device.

Via: The Verge