Lenovo announces PC as a Service, a new offering combining hardware and services into a single solution

At its TRANSFORM commercial summit, Lenovo yesterday announced PC as a Service (PCaaS), a new product offering that combines hardware and services into a single solution at a fixed monthly cost. It is a complete end-to-end IT management service that bridges your IT support gap. In large organizations, bulk of the PC’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is derived from configuration and deployment, IT support services, hardware and software management, and maintenance and disposal costs. With Lenovo’s PCaaS, organizations can pay a single monthly fee for each PC and enjoy all the needed services.

IT Benefits:
  • Ease IT burden while reducing risk
  • Provide complete PC Lifecycle Support
  • Wrap Lenovo portfolio and services into a single solution » Reduced workload for customer IT team
Business Benefits:
  • Reduce internal support and management costs
  • Improve IT responsiveness to key stakeholders and end-users
  • Faster upgrade cycles for improved user satisfaction
  • Lower, more predictable Total Cost of Ownership

Contact your Lenovo account representative for more details about Lenovo PCaaS.