Lego is releasing a motorized lighthouse with rotating Fresnel lens on September 1

August 19, 2022
Lego Motorized Lighthouse
The New Lego Motorized Lighthouse

On September 1, Lego will officially release a new Lego set that will let you build your own lighthouse. And it is not just any lighthouse with boring static elements: it is motorized and boasts a real Fresnel lens and other interior parts.

Even after decades, Lego is still being patronized by a lot of individuals, ranging from kids to adults. Despite its rather simple form, the interlocking plastic bricks don’t run of new ideas to offer. That is primarily possible through Lego Ideas which entertains design submissions from the Lego community. And now, here is a new one, a motorized lighthouse with a working Fresnel lens.

The whole 2065-piece set costs $299.99, which, just like the past models by Lego for adults, doesn’t come cheap. Nonetheless, the lighthouse offers a boatload of surprises, making the 50-centimeter structure more than eye candy.

Aside from the rotating light of the Fresnel lens, the lighthouse also has a functional fireplace, thanks to the added battery box and cable lights. It illuminates the cottage at the bottom of the island where the lighthouse erects itself. It is filled with different pieces like various kitchenware, giving life to the interior of the space.

The entire length of the lighthouse, on the other hand, is divided into four sections. Lego notes that you can open each one and peek inside, where you’ll see more interior elements.

Of course, what is a working lighthouse without a lightkeeper? With this, you get a pair of two Lego mini figures you can easily place anywhere on the island, from inside the lighthouse to a boat that can carry both of them with their cat! And to add more twist to it, the island hides a cave where you can place a treasure chest piece as an easter egg discovery for anyone who will view the model.

Sandro Quattrini, the designer of Lego motorized lighthouse
Sandro Quattrini, the designer of Lego motorized lighthouse

This Lego idea was first introduced in May 2020 by a fan designer named Sandro Quattrini. At that time, Quattrini’s submission entry only stood at 47 centimeters and was composed of limited elements and pieces. Neithetheless, the creation was already motorized, which allowed it to gain attraction from the community and reach the 10,000 supporter votes it needed to make the project accepted by Lego.

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