Leaked prototype shows Surface Pen support on Windows 10 Mobile

by Surur
November 23, 2017

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We know before Microsoft decided to retrench Windows 10 Mobile the Lumia 950 was meant to be a much more interesting handset, including support for the Surface Pen.

Now an early prototype of the handset has leaked, and website Proto beta Test have posted a video showing the Surface Pen in action.

YouTube player

Like recent Surface devices, the handset uses N-Trig technology, making it compatible with the current Surface Pen.

The handset as originally envisioned would have featured active covers and smart sides, making for a much more interesting device than the boring handset eventually delivered.

Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a folding Surface Phone which would almost certainly offer Surface Pen support but the device is not expected to be widely distributed. Instead, if you want a smartphone with a pen now Microsoft is currently selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, considered by many to be the best smartphone on sale currently.

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