Leaked case suggests ridiculous iPhone 11 Pro Max name is real


29, 2019

The early iPhone 11 cases that are already on the market are supporting the rumours circulating around the smartphone, including support for the Apple Pencil stylus, and the presence of the square camera.

Now, another image of more unofficial cases has started circulating- this time, potentially confirming another detail.

A Twitter user shared an image of a shop display of iPhone cases, which are labelled with the speculated names of the upcoming iPhone- including the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max name has been the subject of much ridicule, particularly for a product that relies on an image of simplicity and minimalism.  While there was a time where it was rumoured that Apple would drop the generational number signifying each new version of the iPhone, the product has instead, in recent years, splintered into a large number of SKUs; which is making it increasingly difficult for buyers to decide which device is right for them.  The iPhone 11 Pro Max is somewhat emblematic of the issue, and one can’t help but connect the ridiculous name with reports of Apple’s falling sales and market share.

While the cases are knock-offs and don’t confirm any rumours in themselves, these little hints will keep us guessing until Apple officially reveals all details at their upcoming annual iPhone event on September 10th.

Source: pocketnow

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