Latest Xbox One Firmware Update Removes The Sharpening Filter Issue, Games Look Better Now

Xbox One Sharpening

Microsoft last week announced that they have started the roll-out of February system update for Xbox One customers. As you already know, this update includes several new improvements such as the ability to see and manage your storage space, ability to use your USB keyboard,  and more. One more unreported improvement is that the strong sharpening filter issue reported by many in Xbox One is not fixed. For games that didn’t run natively at a 1080p resolution, and were upscaled to that full HD experience, a strong sharpening filter was applied that caused aliasing and jagged edges. Since it is fixed now, unscaled games should look better.

Drew McCoy of Respawn Entertainment also confirmed that, “This should also make the scaler much better”. Find more screenshots from the link below.

via: NeoGAF