Latest WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone brings easier mass sharing of video and pictures

For many of us our WhatsApp groups are actually reflective of the many different communities we are a part of, and occasionally we want to share a specific item with multiple groups, such as a graduation or birth picture,  without mingling the different groups by merging them.

Normally this would mean going into each group individually to share the same message, but the latest WhatsApp beta, version 2.16.208, offers a convenient solution.


The update adds a new Camera icon (above), allowing you to share a video or picture from the chats list directly, without entering each chat in turn.

A few days ago WhatsApp added OneDrive backup of user data for their Beta users, and as always it is great to see the app in such active development.

If you don’t have WhatsApp Beta we’ll let you know once this feature is available for all users — so keep an eye out for it.

WhatsApp Beta Phone
WhatsApp Beta Phone
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