Latest Office for Mac Insider update brings easy access to AutoSave, collaboration and other features

April 3, 2018

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Microsoft has released a new Insider Slow update for Office for Mac with several new features. This is the preview of the April feature update for Office 2016 for Mac. In this version 16.12.180401 update, OneDrive synced documents open in the cloud, giving you easy access to AutoSave, collaboration features, and more. Read about other new features included in this update below.

  • Add visual impact: Insert and edit Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) in your documents, workbooks, presentations, and emails to add visual interest and retain a high image quality.
  • A more actionable calendar (Outlook): Click any meeting or event in your calendar to see all of the associated details. Check out who is invited, edit your response, or join the meeting, all in one place.
  • Easier scanning of search results (Outlook): Ever tried searching for a word or name, and wished Outlook would highlight your search term in the item list or Preview pane? Well, wonder no more.

If you are an Insider, download this update and try out the above features.

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