Last leak: This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s 20W wireless charger


7, 2019

Samsung’s unpacked event is in less than an hour, but that does not mean there is not time for one last leak.

Above is Samsung’s official wireless charger for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Unlike most chargers which top out at 7.5 watts, the charger supports devices all the way up to 20W, which means your phone will charge wirelessly as fast as last year’s wired charger.

To manage that the charger needs to be actively cooled, which means the charger includes a fan.

Faster charging may be the main new feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, with the Note 10+ being able to charge at up to 45 watts with a special optional wired charger.

Keep an eye on the site for any more news with the official unveiling of the Note 10 range.

Via Roland Quandt

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