Killer Instinct bug means that PC gamers can only play as Rash

According to an article from Eurogamer, PC gamers who download the Game Pass edition of Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition are finding themselves only capable of playing as Rash from Battletoads.

Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition was added to both Xbox and PC Game Pass on the 25th of July. As the Definitive Edition of the game, it’s is supposed to contain all 26 characters from the first three seasons.

However, PC players are finding that their roster is limited to Rash. Just Rash.

Killer Instinct is aware of the issue. On the 26th of July, they sent out a Tweet asking for any players who were experiencing issues to come forward.

People responded in droves, confirming that Rash was the only character available for them. Killer Instinct replied to one Twitter user (@TheDuperghoul), who said that they previously owned the game on Xbox, but managed to fix it by downloading each fighter separately.

On the 27th, Killer Instinct tweeted out that anyone who was experiencing problems with the game should try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. However, this fix didn’t seem to work, with many Twitter users replying that they could still only access Rash.

As Eurogamer report, the bug still isn’t patched three days later. However, one Twitter user (@MattiaAlba) believes that the problem is that Game Pass are giving PC players the game’s Xbox files instead.

This means that PC players still have access to all the characters, they’re just not downloadable due to incompatible file types.

We’ll update when a fix is announced. For now, unless you’re really fond of Rash, it might be better to check out the other Game Pass games on offer.

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