Is Microsoft working on a floating taskbar for Windows 11?

October 13, 2022
Floating taskbar

Is Microsoft working on a floating taskbar? People who watched Yesterday’s Ignite event are now speculating that the company might be working on it. The floating Taskbar in Windows 11-powered Surface Studio 2+ was spotted during a presentation at the Ignite event.

The Taskbar remained mostly unchanged for a very long time. Microsoft finally made a significant change in it with Windows 11, allowing people to align app widgets at the center of the Taskbar. It already looks similar to the macOS dock, and with the arrival of a floating taskbar, they will be even more similar to each other.

The new Taskbar shown at the Ignite event literally floats on the bottom, but it is unclear whether it will be possible to resize the Taskbar. Another noteworthy change is the implementation of rounded corner design elements, which is now quite common everywhere in Windows 11.

Floating taskbar
New floating Taskbar in Windows 11 | Image: Albacore

While people love center-aligned app widgets in the Windows 11 Taskbar, Microsoft’s decision to remove the ability to show the Taskbar at the top of the display upset many people. Microsoft added the drag-and-drop functionality in Windows 11 22H2 update after a lot of backlash from users, but the company seems to not be in a hurry to bring back the ability to move the Taskbar. For now, it appears that the software giant is currently focussing more on making it a dock-style Taskbar.

However, the fact that an updated taskbar was shown at the event does not mean Microsoft will introduce it to users in future Windows 11 versions. The software giant is infamous for teasing new features and products and then canceling them after some time without making them public. So, do not believe it until you see it.

What do you think of a floating taskbar with a rounded corner design in Windows 11? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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