Apple’s new low-cost iPhone, the iPhone SE 2020, is now hitting shelves, which means iFixit has finally been able to get their hands and screwdrivers on it.

Today the company posted the first part of their teardown of the device, and has found some good elements and also some annoyances.

The iPhone SE 2020 is physically identical to the iPhone 8, and iFixit has found that many parts are perfectly swappable between each device, ranging from the screen to the camera.

Unfortunately, one important part is not, the battery, as despite being physically identical to the iPhone 8, it features an iPhone 11 connector, and is therefore incompatible.

Otherwise, however, the low-cost device should be cheap and easy to repair, something you can not say about most new iPhones.

See their teardown video below:

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The new iPhone SE 2020 went on pre-order on the 17th for $399 depending on options, with deliveries starting today.