Intel Graphics driver gets updated to v27.20.100.8587 with fixes for Red Dead Redemption 2, F1 2020 and more

August 21, 2020

Intel has released a new driver update for its Integrated GPU. The new update brings improvements as well as bumps the driver to v27.20.100.8587. You can head below to check out the changelog for the update:


  • Performance Optimizations for Wasteland 3 and Crusader Kings III on 10th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Plus graphics.


  • Get immersed in the post-apocalyptic world that you’re trying to rebuild in Wasteland 3, join a team to perform surgery and try to save lives in Surgeon Simulator 2, unearth the secrets of the Forbidden Islands in your struggle to survive in Windbound, leverage your strategic acumen to safeguard the prosperity of your royal house in Crusader Kings III and jump into the fray and compete to win in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Intel Iris Plus graphics or better.


  • Adds support for the Vulkan extension VK_EXT_pipeline_creation_cache_control – This Khronos
    extension adds flags to VkPipelineCreateInfo and VkPipelineCacheCreateInfo structures with the goal of providing information about potentially expensive hazards within the client driver during pipeline creation to the application before carrying them out rather than after.


  • Intermittent crash or hang seen in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Vulkan), Horizon Zero Dawn (DX12), Cities Skylines, F1 2020 (DX12), FIFA20 (when switching between windowed and full screen) on 10th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Plus graphics.
  • Intermittent crash or hang seen in Rocket League when switching the display from duplicate to extended mode and vice versa on 10th Generation Intel Core processors.
  • Minor graphics anomalies may be observed in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (DX12), Rise of the Tomb Raider (DX12).
  • Corruption observed in Microsoft Word / Excel when resizing and toggling between windowed or Fullscreen mode on 10th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Plus graphics.

You can head to Intel’s website to download the latest driver update. Alternatively, you can get Intel Driver & Support Assistant that will automatically check and download the latest updates.

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