You can now install Chrome themes in Microsoft Edge without enabling a flag

by Rahul
August 1, 2020
Microsoft Edge flash

While performance and reliability are the two main areas where the Classic Edge was way behind Google Chrome, lack of extension support in Microsoft’s old Edge browser was something that annoyed many users. Microsoft fixed all those issues by developing a Chromium version of it.

The Chromium-based Edge not only has its collection of extensions but it also supports extension from Chrome Web store. After listening to users’ feedback, the company later added support for Chrome themes in its browser, though, in order to be able to download and install those themes in Edge, you needed to enable a flag.

The good news is that installing a Chrome theme in Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser will no longer require you to enable Allow installation of external themes flag, as Microsoft now supports Chrome themes in Edge by default. However, at this moment, Microsoft has enabled the feature by default only in Edge Canary, meaning if you’re using Edge Dev or Stable, you’ll still need to enable the flag to install Chrome themes. Nevertheless, it also means that, since the feature is now available in the Canary channel, users in the Stable channel will also get it eventually — it’s only a matter of time.

If you’re using Edge Canary, you can visit Chrome Web Store, select a theme and then click  “Add to Chrome.” To remove or uninstall a theme, you can go to the Edge browser Settings > Appearance, click on the “Remove” button opposite to “Custom theme”, the default theme will be restored.

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