If you love sifting through the most current content in relation to hashtags on Instagram, you should brace yourself for the news that the platform is testing the idea of removing the “Recent” tab from the hashtag page. In fact, it is already testing this change to a small group of users, according to the company’s announcement last Tuesday. 

Instagram explained, however, that this move aims to test more recent and timely content in the Reels and Top tabs in hashtag. This intends to see how the change could help users engage in the more interesting and relevant content, even while sifting through current content.  

Currently, when you select a hashtag, the platform takes you to the Hashtag page, where you can go through the contents within the hashtag. This page gives you three options for going over the content. These include the “Top,” “Recent,” and “Reels.” However, users to whom this change is being tested will now only see the “Top” and “Reels” tabs. 

This change could be another way to boost its Reels. Instagram has been making a lot of effort to make its Reels more competitive with the short-form video app Tiktok. Further, it could also be a way to surface contents that gain the highest engagement. 

This test was introduced only weeks after the platform tested another feature to help users discover social causes through hashtag searches. This makes it more convenient for users to find and support social causes. 

Now, you could use specific hashtags to locate social movements. Once you land on the hashtag page, you have the option to learn more about the social cause. There is also the “Spread the Word” button that allows you to share the hashtag page with your network through direct messaging. Further, the “Create a Fundraiser” button could be utilized to raise funds for the movement. 

Notably, the company has been focusing on hashtags recently. As Instagram said, they intend to make hashtags as valuable as possible for its users.