Instagram gets music suggestions, countdown stickers and more

Stories have become a vital part of the Instagram experience, and Facebook knows that. The firm announced a series of updates to its Stories and Live functionality to encourage engagement by users and allow them to connect to their friends and family.

First, the firm is letting your friends respond to Question stickers with songs from Instagram’s music library. This means you can now use Instagram’s Story stickers to ask for music recommendations and sample the songs without leaving the app.

Instagram will also now let you use the question sticker on Instagram live, so you can ask your viewers a question or give them a prompt, and see all their responses popup in the simplified interface. The firm calls this Q & A mode.

Finally, as 2018 winds down, the firm is letting users add a countdown sticker. We can’t imagine what users would be making use of them for as the New Year approaches.

These features should be available to all iOS and Android users now.

Source: Instagram