IDC: Worldwide PC Shipments Saw A Year-On-Year Decline Of 11.8% In Q2

IDC Shipments Q2 2015

IDC yesterday reported that Worldwide PC shipments totaled 66.1 million units in the second quarter of 2015 (2Q15), which is a year-on-year decline of -11.8%, about one percent below projections for the quarter.

The slow PC shipments were largely anticipated as a result of stronger year-ago shipments relating to end of support for windows XP as well as channels reducing inventory ahead of the release of Windows 10. In addition, weaker or changing exchange rates for foreign currencies have effectively increased PC prices in many markets, thereby reducing purchasing power and also complicating investment planning.

“We continue to expect low to mid-single digit declines in volume during the second half of the year with volume stabilizing in future years. We’re expecting the Windows 10 launch to go relatively well, though many users will opt for a free OS upgrade rather than buying a new PC. Competition from 2-in-1 devices and phones remains an issue, but the economic environment has had a larger impact lately, and that should stabilize or improve going forward,” said Loren Loverde, Vice President, Worldwide PC Trackers & Forecasting.

Lenovo was the leader in PC shipments with shipments of 13.4 million units while HP remained the number 2 vendor which saw shipments decline -10.4% from a year ago. Dell was at third shipping more than 9.5 million units and registering a year-over-year decline of -8.7%.

Source: IDC