Huawei isn’t done selling flagship phones worldwide, according to a new report. Despite Huawei’s lack of Google services, the firm is still willing to strike the global market while its services are still in decline. It’s easy to see why. The Huawei mobile brand is much loved in Europe, covering handsets from the low, mid and high-end. While Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro didn’t make it to Europe officially, the P40 family is said to be heading for a global launch, as per the Information.

If one takes Huawei’s current position into account, that’s an Android phone that’s launching without Google services to be sold at prices competing with Samsung’s Note 10 and potential S11.

On one hand, an Android phone without Google could be successful. Hypothetically. In theory. One could argue the Fire Phone was too weird to succeed one way or the other and that Nokia’s X Series could barely be called a serious attempt. If the report is to be believed, Huawei wants to test that theory. Powerful hardware, Google API replacements, shiny new designs. That’s the value proposition the firm wants to offer. It’s unlikely to work without a lifting of the Google ban via issuance of a trade license which remains another possibility.

Huawei may be hoping on the former, but betting on the latter as a fallback. It’s better to try and fail than to wonder, after all.

Source: The Information, Via: Android Authority