Huawei dismisses production shutdown rumours



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The last couple of weeks have been tough for Huawei and in case you were living under a rock, here are the highlights. On May 20th, Google announced that they’re cutting ties with Huawei which caused a ripple effect that pushed companies like Intel and ARM to cut ties with Huawei. If that wasn’t bad enough, carriers around the world started dropping Huawei and companies like Microsoft delisted Huawei’s products from their websites.

Fast forward to last week, a report claimed that Foxconn, the company building Huawei’s phones is shutting down some of its production lines. The company didn’t comment on the matter immediately but now has confirmed to Forbes (via Pocket Now) that the report is wrong.

Huawei refutes these claims, our global production levels are normal, with no notable adjustments in either direction.

– Huawei

Huawei is facing a lot of issues after the ban and the conditions are unlikely to improve moving forward. The company ended Q1 of 2019 on strong terms but the US ban could hinder the company’s progress moving forward.

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