HTC Windows Mobile 7 handsets still to come, possibly even by Q2 2010?

We have all seem HTC’s H1 2010 Windows Mobile roadmap leak, and the overwhelming feeling is rather one of disappointment due to the lack of truly high-end devices

There is however some reassuring news in the same B3ler3fonte thread, who by definition is pretty trustworthy, given the details information he had produced so far. First confirmation that the leaked devices is not the full gamut of HTC devices to be released in the first half of 2010, but only devices to be released on T-Mobile.

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In order to be more specific and stop the rumours around, as these keep on coming crazily as far as I can see… People, what was presented to you as i have stated clearly on the 1st post, is HTC’s list for 2010 and what TMO will definitely choose in global basis, UNLESS something else changes ( coz you never know with all those Operators-Vendors marketing agreements as something can be blown away as a project sooo easily and a phone can easily be "buried") and some other products you were all anxiously expecting to be released, maybe there but on other brochures, for other Operators and/or other countries, which I do not possess and of course I do not know! So yes, I highly do not doubt about other HTC products which may be under developing but these kind of info hasn’t reached my hands yet and maybe never, if we take into consideration that HTC makes special deals with Operators and releases devices which won’t be released by anyone else, the what we call, "exclusivities".

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Whatever is the result of such an assumption will have to truly declare (based on HTC’s future portfolio) HTC’s 180 degrees turn, to a more consumer-based phones on some handsets coz that’s the segment which the company aims for next year and seeks for (mass market segment), without of coz, leaving aside and underestimating what HTC initials stand for… So definitely, do expect, apart from those devices shown exclusively and for the 1st time around the net, here on xda’s, better and more advanced devices which aim to the majority of those who want something more than a simple voice/data feature handset.

The second is more interesting, and states that HTC is planning to release a Windows Mobile 7 handset either in late Q2 or early Q3.

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Anyway’s…I have truly fresh news to share with you which absolutely make sense why in HTC’s portfolio there are no such WM7 phones…and just simple QWERTY or not, WM6.5 ones.
Microsoft, as many of you already know…moved back, the primal release of WM7 and chosen HTC as strategic vendor to launch the first HTC WM7 device late on Q2, start of Q3 2010 (September), so everything up to now, is under discussion and will be finalised till End of April of 2010.

While this does not change our conclusion that its better to buy the HD2 now than wait for the mostly mediocre Windows Mobile handsets in Q1 and Q2 2010, it is highly likely that HTC’s first Windows Mobile 7 handset will really push out the boat and make up for the uninspiring first 6 months.

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